To the people that are like ‘oh, marrige is supposed to be between a man and a woman’. Let me tell you this. Do you wanna go back to the days when people married because they needed the land their spouse posseses or they needed money. Those were the days when women had to marry some old rich perve who raped them (watch The Duchess or Game Of Thrones for examples). Those were the days both partners had lovers and bastard children (Just watch Game Of Thrones and you’ll get it). Does that sound like what God would have wanted? And now after centuries of emancipation you are taking away people’s right to marry someone they love and always wanna be with and won’t cheat on. Well, fuck you. You are not ready to live in this modern age, build a time machine or whatever and stay in the 16th century cause that’s where you belong. Also, no fully developed human likes you.

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The Only Ending